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COP26: Sabien hosts Green Economics Debate

1 November 2021

Sabien Technology Group plc

(“Sabien” or the “Company”)

COP26: Sabien hosts Green Economics Debate “Sabien steps on the GAS”

Sabien announces today that it is hosting a virtual debate on the Green Economy and launches its Green Aggregation Strategy (“GAS”). The event will take place on Thursday, 11 November 2021.

Richard Parris, Executive Chairman, commented in Sabien’s Annual Report, published on 31 August 2021:

“Sabien is committed to building a portfolio of businesses which are involved directly in the application of emerging and developed technology to the emerging Green Economy. It will do so through organic, partnership and acquisition-led development.

Reflecting progress on this commitment, the forthcoming event will comprise presentations from a number of companies with whom the Company has either commenced cooperation or is in discussion for future collaborations. Participants will include Proton Technologies, City Oil Field, and Aeristech, together with others to be announced. Together, these participants represent leading-edge technologies all focused on the creation of value in an environmentally sustainable ecosystem.

Thematically, the presentations will highlight the benefits of collaboration. As a guiding principle, Sabien is engaged on an aggregation strategy which seeks to combine innovative, “green”

technologies and applications to provide solutions to everyday demands. In addition, the Company has identified a number of opportunities to create self-sustaining models where the inputs required for key technology are the waste outputs from others,

This Green Aggregation Strategy (“GAS”) aims to utilize the economies of scale and integration which the Company’s joined-up approach is intended to produce.

Commenting on the Green Economics Debate, Richard Parris, Executive Chairman, said:

“The Board of Sabien believes that environmental sustainability will become the abiding economic driver for societies across the world. That this inflexion point is now nearer after the upheaval of the Pandemic can no longer be in doubt. It will become a reality if we think outside the box and combine previously stand-alone technologies in systems which are demand and solution led in this new paradigm. Sabien’s Green Aggregation Strategy is designed to produce a whole which is greater than the sum of its parts. We look forward to presenting this tangible concept with our partners on 11th November 2021.”

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