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Sidney Sussex College

Sidney Sussex College installed M2G boiler load optimisation controls across its estate after seeing a 17% reduction in their oil consumption. The College was founded on St. Valentine’s Day in 1596 by legacy of Lady Frances Sidney, Countess of Sussex, and is located in the historic heart of Cambridge.

The College initially installed M2G in one boiler house to verify the level of savings. Energy consumption data was provided to Sabien which was then analysed to establish the level of energy savings using the CuSUM methodology. The analysis demonstrated a 17% reduction in oil consumption.

Following the analysis the College installed M2G on the remaining 11 boilers. The boilers varied in age and size and there was no downtime to the College’s operations during the installations. Using the 17% savings initially verified, it is estimated the project will payback in 2.1 years, saving the College over £9,500 a year and resulting in avoided CRC costs of over £3,500 over five years.

Following installation, energy consumption was reduced by 17%

M2G working alongside the BMS

“Reducing our heating consumption and the associated oil costs is a key objective for the College, and Sabien’s M2Gs are playing a key role in achieving this. There was minimal disruption to our operations throughout the whole project. Sabien provided complete end to end project management, including the measurement and verification, commissioning and installations of the M2Gs.” said Keith Willox, Domus Bursar for Sidney Sussex College.


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