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Intelligent boiler load control
Energy reduction technologies for the commercial heating sector
10-25% OPEX savings Eliminate boiler dry cycling to deliver immediate savings in gas consumption Meet your regulatory targets Sabien’s solutions help you meet regulatory targets and reduce the environmental impact of your operations
Minus 10-25%

Cut carbon emissions, reduce operating spend, achieve regulatory targets

It’s not complicated and it shouldn’t be costly. So why do sustainability and energy managers continue to face the same challenges when it comes to heating commercial buildings?

Sabien provides a single, simple, solution to a universal energy challenge.

M2G can be retrofitted to most commercial gas or oil fired boilers. It immediately identifies when a boiler is firing unnecessarily, and stops it. Cloud-connected, M2G provides intelligent insight into a building’s energy use.

Reduce your energy bill by 10-25%, cut fossil fuel emissions, and transform a money-draining boiler into the powerhouse for a smarter, greener building.

All for the long-term and all via the simple installation of one low-cost solution.


Sabien's M2G intelligent boiler solutions can deliver savings no matter what the sector

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