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BT completed a £1.2 million contract with Sabien Technology which saw M2G intelligent boiler load optimisers installed at 246 sites across the BT estate.

The rollout followed a measurement and verification programme at three sites which showed energy savings of between 8% and 13%. The savings were also validated by BT’s Energy and Environment team using the estate’s metered data.

Richard Tarboton, BT’s Director of Energy and Carbon commented: “BT continues to drive down its energy consumption and carbon emissions. Our varied estate presents us with a challenge requiring innovative solutions that can be deployed with minimum disruption. The Sabien project is an example of this – the M&V phase and the subsequent rollout demonstrates how the M2G is supporting the delivery of our energy and carbon reduction plans.”

Drive down energy use and carbon emissions

M2G’s ability to work alongside the existing Building Management Systems including Demand Control, Sequencing and Variable temperature control is a key requisite for organisations. Implementing M2G across an estate enables unnecessary energy use and carbon emissions caused by boiler dry cycling to be prevented – an inherent problem found in many commercial boilers regardless of age and size of the boiler.

“With the continued focus to drive down energy use and carbon emissions, organisations are looking for additional control to achieve this. The BT project is a great example of how M2G plays an important role alongside traditional building controls. We are delighted with this project, not just because of the level of savings achieved by M2G, but our capabilities of delivering a project across such a large estate, commented Alan O’Brien, Sabien’s CEO.

“During the M&V period and the subsequent rollout our Operations Team worked closely with all BT stakeholders, including control providers and building managers to help them to understand the role M2G plays and why it is required over and above the existing controls,” he added.


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