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A major project saw the installation of M2G ‘Multi-Save’ Burner Management units in 141 sites throughout the UK and Northern Ireland. This will guarantee minimum savings to RBSG of £240,000 pa (and based on trials as much as £500,000). It will also have a significant impact on the Groups target to reduce Carbon Dioxide (CO2) emissions.

The brief

The objective of the project was to support the group strategy to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, and mitigate some of the effects of a very volatile commercial utility market.

Following extensive trials at Ulster HQ and Danesford, where energy savings in excess of 25% were demonstrated, a major installation programme was commissioned to install the burner management units throughout the UK and Northern Ireland.

The benefit

The trials demonstrated that significant energy savings could be achieved without any detrimental effect on space temperature.

A total of 141 sites have benefited from the installation of the M2G units, which work on the principle of load compensating sequence control with self-learning capabilities. The sites were identified on the basis of their current gas consumption and the compatibility of the boilers.

Even more sites are now being identified that can benefit from this innovative (and simple) technology.

The following table illustrates the potential savings (in cost and payback period), based on the results of the trial sites:

Budget (£) Savings @ 10% Payback in years Savings @ 25% Payback in years
£495,900 £239,968 2 £594,802 0.83 (8 months)

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