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M2G - Intelligent Boiler Load Control

Traditional approaches to boiler management can be outdated

It’s about time things got smart

Boilers are often forgotten, but they’re crucial for business. Keeping a building warm in winter and supplying hot water needs are the basics that continue to cost too much – to both an organisation and to the environment.

Boiler ‘dry cycling‘, the challenge faced by sustainability and energy managers, is universal. Built-in ‘intelligence’ to address that issue is missing in most boilers.

In commercial buildings, 92% of non-electrical consumption is attributed to space heating / hot water. The fundamentals of boiler efficiency are clear: removing dry cycling can contribute a 10-25% saving, more than any other singularly addressed factor.

M2G intelligently identifies instances of boiler dry cycling and immediately inhibits the boiler firing up unnecessarily. Yes, we’re selling a simple concept, but with it we’re helping sustainability and energy managers achieve instant, measurable results and solve an inherent and almost universal boiler issue.

Satisfying the requirements of all your internal and external stakeholders
  • Direct and lasting reduction in OPEX
  • Demonstrable and immediate savings in gas consumption
  • Proven reduction in CO2 contribution
  • Non intrusive installation
  • No changes to existing set points or plant and no down time
  • Maintenance free
  • Lifetime support
A return on investment well below the energy solution industry average
More on boiler dry cycling

Less energy consumption

Lower gas bills

Environmental benefit


You don’t have to just
take our word for it

From universities, hospitals and government buildings to shopping centres, corporate HQs and leisure facilities: hear how M2G users are benefitting from this simple approach to carbon management.

"Credit where it’s due, we installed these devices on most of our boilers and they have contributed to us exceeding our target for 2020. To anyone who has a Salix recycling fund you can use that to fund your carbon reduction by installing these. It really is a “no brainier” to invest in reducing your gas consumption which releases opex for cost improvement and improve the environment around you by reducing your carbon emissions as well."

Energy & Sustainability Officer

Mike Blades

“Trying to find ways of saving energy and carbon emissions is a large part of my job and for the cost involved in installing M2G with the resulting short payback, there really was no alternative."

Energy Officer

Anne Downes

“We have been very impressed with the performance of the M2G units. They have lived up to all expectations and because they are so easy to fit, there was no interruption in service to the two trial buildings."

Energy Manager

Paul Eggleton

“M2G is a key component in the group’s energy efficiency strategy and the installation of M2G units throughout our UK fleet of buildings played a major role in helping the bank deliver on its commitment to reducing its energy consumption and harmful carbon emissions."

Group Energy Manager

Graham Jennings

"I would recommend the Sabien units and have been impressed by their performance. I would also commend the staff for their professionalism and technical knowledge."

Head of Sustainability & Environmental Management

Marie Porteous

"Sabien were open and easy to work with, and together with the impressive savings achieved made a strong case to adopt M2G across the Norwich Union estate"

Energy & Utilities Manager

Gregory Luxford


carbon management

Sabien’s approach to cloud-connected carbon management involves retrofitting an IoT solution to any existing boilers fitted with the M2G boiler management solution. A dashboard, accessible remotely via mobile or web app instantly displays data on how the boilers are performing, how M2G is optimising energy use, and the associated cost and harmful emission reductions. Unfortunately, boilers aren't typically imbued with intelligence. But smart boilers – and cutting carbon emissions, reducing operating spend and meeting crucial regulatory targets – are smart business.

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A birds eye view of efficiency, cost
savings and carbon reduction

The utilities industry is the most prolific user of internet of things (IoT) endpoints, with around 1.37 billion connected ‘things’ in operation, globally. Amongst those billions of things, are a whole lot of boilers.

Once connected to the internet, data on a boiler’s temperature, energy use, increased efficiency and cost savings can be logged automatically, in real time. Data gathering and analysis can also be extended to the surrounding environment: how well is the building’s boiler plant as a whole performing from an energy efficiency perspective? Where can carbon management be improved? Where can we start realising cost savings with the associated reductions in emissions?

This doesn’t involve ripping out and replacing an old, dumb boiler. It doesn’t involve waiting for an engineer to come out and manually take readings. And it doesn’t involve any of the associated costs.

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